arriving in delhi was just a bit like arriving in Los Angeles: "where the hell is the city?"


the airport-"taxi" (an old private car) is stopping in a small street, low houses and dirt everywhere. "we are there". Ok, that's how the center of delhi looks like.


throughout our journey we will have to find out that many indian cities AND villages look alike, they just differ in size and  the colour of their ground.


We experienced our first rikshaw-touts ("wanna shop here ? i get commission if you buy something here, just look inside - you don't have to pay")


- we bought 2 motorbikes: 350cm3 royal enfields, 2005 and 2007 model

(we will write more about buying a motorbike in india later)


- we visited the city, used the brand-new delhi metro and shopped for some indian clothes to look more like the locals (without success ;)




Zeljko at the taylor 'round the corner
the deal is done. this guy sold us our motorbikes.
Was a fair deal, altough they did not fix the things we forgot the request from them (due to our lack of motorbike-knowledge)

the place is:
"Tony Bike Center"
Hari Singh Nalwa Street in Karol Bagh
this is where we had our first "thali" - a kind of all-you-can eat metal-plate on your table, which gets constantly refilled with dals, currys, breads, rice, etc..

the only limitation for us was, that we could not eat that much as we would have wanted to, because the food was just too spicy for us (but, you get used to it after some weeks ;)
Let's go ! Early in the morning we fetched our motorbikes from the store and entered the crazy delhi-traffic.

The flowers on the bike are from a hindu-ceremony where lalli singh sacrificed our bikes the day before.