Accidents like this you can see quite often on indian roads, because overloading vehicles is common practice.
This is the courtyard we stayed in amritsar, our room was behind the top right windows in this picture.

And they served eggs for breakfast, something which is not so common in india, as hindu-people consider eggs as non-vegetarian food.
a helpful person at the police station (i had to file a claim becaus i lost my mobile-phone)
one more policeman in his proud uniform
Generators like this you can find in front of many houses, they provide power during the quite frequent power-outages.

This one was in front of an internet cafe, where i afterwards surfed on diesel-power.
manfred at the entrance of golden temple.
also Zeljko had to cover his head and leave his shoes at the entrance.
this was inside the golde-temple-comples, which contains a big holy water-basin. (people bath in, and drink the holy waters)

The golden temple is the small golden building in the middle of this picture
We happened to be there during a big Sikh-Festival where thousands of People went to golden Temple.

For this reason they also had fireworks for long hours that evening.
this is inside "langhar-hall" a community-kitchen where everyone can come and eat food for free (made possible by donations and volunteers preparing the food and cleaning the dishes)

you rush in with approx. 500 people and line up in long rows on the floor, then tasty vegetarian food gets served, you eat and leave. The whole procedure just takes about 10 minutes, then the hall gets cleaned and the next hordes enter the hall.

in this 2 halls (on 2 floors) approx. 20.000 meals a day are served
the cleaning of the food-hall is also done by hi-tech kärcher-cleaning-machines.

It felt a bit like the break they have in ice-skating-rinks when the regenerate the ice with similar looking machines ;)
quite often you see machines like this on the roadside. This one is operated by hand, others have a motor attached.

They are used tho squeeze sugar-canes-rods for preparing tasty sweet-lemonade.
that much jouice you get from one sugar-cane. ("Zuckerrohr")
This is at the only official Border-Station between India and Pakistan. The show off a daily ceremony which is a highly patriotic ceremony and parade of border-soldiers, flags, national anthems.

Here they recruted the most tall indian people they could find in the indian army.
Crowds on both sides (Pakistan and India) go mad as the ceremony of the closing of the gates begins.

manfred is having his hair cut in amritsar

(i want that backside-mirror in haircutter-places all over austria. NOW!)