the next morning. the delhi agra-highway is well-built,
we can go at incredible 90km/h. But only 80km, then zeljko's bike broke down.

this pictures shows him waiting while manfred fetches the next mechanic.

the women is carrying cow-dung mixed with mud, which some people use for heating
here we bought nuts while waiting for the mechanic to fix zeljko's bike

a monkey jumped through that big pile of nuts a few minutes after while fetching a single banana at the fruit-stand nearby
"at the mechanics" #6

some indian youngsters pull our bike with the help of an old rope to the next mechanic in a small village.

this time one of the oil-pump vents was broken, it got welded by the welder next "door", this picture shows mechanics workshop in that small village.

the fix took 2hours, cost: approx 8 EUR

"we can now go only 50km/h for the next 200km, the mechanic said"
at a home near the place zeljko's bike broke down
the family of that home
many indians we meet, want to have our home-adress, phone-number, etc... just in case they or one of their friends make it to visit europe someday.

so we look forward to see this guy next year in vienna
(or maybe later ?)
Some highways in india are toll roads. But you only have to pay for cars, 2-wheelers just use the VIP-lane and drive thru. that's convenient.

Besides the 2-wheeled VIP's this huge sign lists all other persons which are entitled to get a free passage. Most important seems to be point #12 on that sign.

We now feel as important as the president of india ;)
"at the mechanics" #7 (the third one within 24hs)

50km after the last stop (while going slow) zeljko's bike broke down again. again, small village, kids showing manfred the way to the mechanic, while zelko's waiting at his tiny fireplace he setup in the meanwhile.

- bringing the bikes to the mechanic-shop (a version without electricity and walls)

1,5hours and 3EUR later, the bike runs again, somehow.

we can continue going to agra on 40km/h
this is the photography-studio where mukesh took me to make a picture with him.

mukesh is a 15year old boy, helping us finding the mechanic ( kids are often the best option in finding someone you can talk english to)
finally we are reaching agra in the evening.
zeljko's bike broke down again in the old city 5km before our hotel.

this time the welded vent was broken again. no way to get along, so manfred managed to buy a (overpriced) rope which was then used to tow zeljko's bike to the hotel, following a rikshaw which was hired as a guide.

this picture shows the rope the next morning.

this guy seems to be some high official from the police-department just around the corner.

besides looking good, we have not seen any real effect of the police in everyday-life
"at the mechanics" #8

full-engine-service at the oldes enfield-mechanic in agra (which happens to be 20meters besides our hotel ;)

which means:

- new piston
- new seals
- new lower part of engine-housing
- new rods, vents, etc...
- total cleaning of engine and all parts

time: 2 days, cost: approx. 100 EUR
our cycle rikshaw to taj mahal (early, to catch sunrise at the taj)
for 1km we swapped positions on the rikshaw.

dieses ist im besonderen für
daniela & maurice
me too !
you have to take your shoes off at the taj mahal.

who will find them again in those piles ?
parrots and those cute har-to-catch squirrel-like animals we come across every day in india.
manfred looking for his motorbike-keys
(he found them finally)
while waiting for the motorbikes to get fixed, we have some flags painted at a painters-shop.

so that's what i call a screen-shot ;)
they're also painting their license plate themselves, you get to jail for that in austria ;)
finishing the werkzeugH flag
there's a motorbike-brand called "HERO-HONDA", which is the most prominent on the streets of india.

obviously that's a joint-venture of HERO (a indian cycle-manufacturer, and HONDA)

what caught my attention was this rare brand i saw on a moped "HERO PUCH", which seems to be a liasion between Hero and the austrian (now gone ?) company "Puch"

remember the Puch-Moped ?
i used to spend some time fixing bugs in my vienna-projects while travelling.

the quality of internet connection varies from place to place. But one rule is common:

the user/pass combination "admin"/"password" works
on most wifi-routers ;)
this nice guy "mat" from london showed us how to self-service our motorbikes and how to REALLY start our bikes in the morning (now it takes only 4 instead of 50 tries kicking the kickstarter ;)
he is travelling with a rented 350cc royal enfield bike, which he got from lalli singh in delhi

(we noticed the same holy stickers on his machine which we got placed on our bikes during lallis sacrifice-ceremony)
this is a keymaker's - shop, they made duplicates of our motorbike-keys within 5 minutes, purely by hand.

an anouncement-"car" in Agra